"We look for innovative and engaging commercial games and help evolve them for classroom use."

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TeacherGaming is an independent game development company started by teachers and developers from the United States and Finland. Our mission is to expand game-based learning into classrooms worldwide. Our product lineup includes educational versions of the award-winning games Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program, which have been praised by gamers, parents, and teachers alike.

TeacherGaming was founded in 2011 by 3 teachers and programmers. Since then we've expanded to a team of 18, spread across two companies: us and our offshoot game studio 5 More Minutes. Since the early days, our mission has been to make something completely different from traditional learning games. We began by simply modifying games to suit the needs of teachers, but have since witnessed the huge demand for more support for such innovation in education. With our next project, the TeacherGaming Store, we wish to encourage others to join us in bringing entertainment and education together.


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TeacherGaming LLC
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TeacherGaming LLC
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