Welcome to TeacherGaming

TeacherGaming is one of the pioneers of games in education. We are the team behind the original MinecraftEdu (Minecraft in Education) and have had the pleasure of working with over 20,000 K12 schools around the world. In addition, we have built multiple services and conducted training for thousands of teachers.

TeacherGaming is currently active with multiple European Union projects.

Please get in touch if you have a project in mind or need game-based learning expertise!

Regarding TeacherGaming Desk

Despite our best efforts, we weren’t able to turn the TG Desk service into commercial success. That’s why we pulled the plug on the remaining services in 2021. After that, game downloads, lesson plans, analytics, classes and the TeacherGaming app and websites were no longer available.

We want to thank you, fellow gamers and teachers. You have been the trailblazers, trying out something new, often ambitious and scary. We hope it has been worth your while and you’ve been able to excite a new generation of gamers and learners!

What about Kerbal Space Program?

We are currently working on transitioning KerbalEdu to Private Division (publisher of Kerbal Space Program). Once this handover is complete, current educators will have continued access to KerbalEdu at no additional cost.

More information on how to obtain KerbalEdu in the future through the Private Division will be provided via email in September. In the meantime, for KerbalEdu support issues, please reach out to Private Division's customer support team at https://support.privatedivision.com

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